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Basically, today...

-Aaryn & GinaMarie made everyone do the Harlem Shake. Told the cameras that whichever fan makes the best YT video when they get out, will received an autograph from them.

-Aaryn still blaming the racism thing on Candice.*

-Judd and Andy got into some sort of spat. Not sure what about.

-Amanda still convinced Judd is trying to evict Amanda/is MVP/ gonna flip the house/working with Spencer and/or Howard and/or Jessie/etc.

-Aaryn & GM both (briefly) contemplated evicting Amanda to each other, saying they don't like being told what to do all the time... but I doubt they do it.

-Aaryn now scared that Elissa is going to continue her crusade against her next week if Elissa wins HoH.

-Amanda & McCrae got "Big Brother married" earlier with Andy officiating.

-Apparently, there was brief talk about evicting Candice instead of Howard (either yesterday or today). Of course, naturally, Helen and Amanda squashed any talk of it, and now (secretly) blame Judd for starting it, and Judd blames Jessie. He told Amanda/McCrae/Helen & crew this, but they think he's just trying to frame Jessie.

-During Jessie's breakdown earlier, Amanda tried talking to her, but ended up leaving & telling Jessie (and the rest of the house, naturally) that she's acting weird. Later, Elissa went in and Jessie admitted that she's tired of Amanda constantly interrogating everyone, and doesn't like what she's doing, ordering everyone around. (Meanwhile, Amanda was busy trying to order Helen downstairs to eavesdrop on Jessie/Elissa, but I don't think it ever happened). Jessie also told Elissa that she complained to the DR about Amanda and they told her that if she doesn't like something, she should change it.

*Just minutes ago, while watching Candice in the kitchen on the HoH screen, Aaryn joked, "Hey Aunt Jemima. Make me some pancakes!"

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