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Love , love ,love Sonny he knew that Will was trying to push him away because Will feels like he is holding Sonny back from doing something he wants to do. Sonny made it clear to Brent and Will that he wants to be with Will and Ari and he wants to be with Will and Will only. I saw no sparks with Sonny and Brent it looked like two friends talking. Now Brent I think may have a thing for Sonny but Sonny makes it clear he is with Will and that is where he wants to be. You can tell that Will and Brent don't seem to like eachother but tolerate eachother because of Sonny. Will needs to hear Sonny and believe him when he says he wants to be with him and let of those insecurities but I think Sonny gets it because he knows what Will has gone through I loved how calm he was and how emotional Will was he let him know how it is and how its going to be and I really hope Will hears him this time. Sonny want to go but he wants to go with Will and I don't see anything wrong with that me and my husband have to put things off til later because of the children or one of us can't get off work that was realistic so I applaud Sonny for understanding that.

I also don't see why Will and Sonny can't take a weekend or so and go away together, maybe we will see this happen soon I hope so because they need some alone time they both look so stressed. Gabi it seems is always in class and Will and Sonny are home they need a break once in a while too and so does Gabi that is why they should make arrangements for Ari to have a sitter or someone come and watch her while they each do what they need to do. They all love Ari and they are doing what is best for her.
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