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Aug 1 2013, 10:22 AM
Aug 1 2013, 12:15 AM
Jul 31 2013, 04:34 PM
Will finally steps up and confronts Brett Brent
Confront him about what exactly. :eyeroll: What did Brent do wrong other then express his feelings about Sonny's situation and wanting to spend time with him.
Oh, PUH-LEASE, it's obvious Brent is after Sonny. He wouldn't be so damn pushy (even after Sonny's protests) if he wasn't hot for Sonny.

ETA: And even if he ISN'T hot for Sonny, he's basically telling him Will is dead weight. Will shouldn't have to take that lying down.
That is an issue Sonny needs to handle though. Will needs to talk to Sonny about how he doesn't like Sonny hanging out with guys that have no respect for him and their relationship and how it makes him feel instead of confronting Brent. Brent can tell him to take a hike then what is he going to do plus is he going to confront every Brent like guy in the future.
The last time Will confronted Brian first and then Brian went to talk to Sonny about it so maybe that happens again and Sonny tells him what is what,again. Sonny has told Brent but Brent doesn't seem to want to listen. He was wrong to ask Sonny to go away with him even as a friend and when Will comes home he can't get out the door fast enough, that looked shady. I agreed with Will if someone from my mans past comes back and ask him to go away camping just the two of them come on how does that seem right. Yes friends go camping but Brent said people were being paired he should ask a single friend to go not someone in a commited relationship and when Sonny said would want Will to come Brent was like ohh yeah Will. Glad Sonny set it straight but yes maybe Will needs to let Brent know that Sonny is his man and he needs to step back. If Brent is being bold about it, so should Will.
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