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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Aug 1 2013, 09:48 AM
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I'm surprised that nobody is warning Sonny about getting too attached to a child he has no claim over. This could lead to a good story for him several months from now, though.
and with the looming departure of the two actors that play Will and Gabi, I can see it happening.....if one of them dies (Will) and the other (Gabi) decides to take the kid and go visit her mom then Sonny has absolutely no claim to her......unless we see Gabi and Will discussing making arrangements for a will or something to include Sonny, I see the possibility that Sonny will end up heartbroken if something happens to Will and he has no claim to the child and Gabi can make unilateral decisions on Arianna. IDK if it would play out as a good story though, how much drama can you milk from it?
I think the really interesting thing would be what it does to Sonny as a person. I'd like to see what FS could do with a colder, darker Sonny - more of a classic Kiriakis. Leading to a redemptive love story and a kid he'll get to keep, maybe the kid of NewGuy who Sonny can adopt, because the second parent isn't in the picture. Pipe dream time - it'd be nice if Philip were around for this, since he's been there.
In your scenario....It would be nice if the new guy's kid ends up being pocket...and they bring Philip back just in time to start that story.....
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