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I've made it three episodes without Paula annoying me, but it stopped in episode 4. Her comments on Cara are just annoying. I bet Paula was THAT girl (probably in high school) who never got invited anywhere, but showed up still. Bitch, please! You only win these because you have good partners! Ev carried you in Rivals 1 and now Emily is carrying you here. Unfortunately, I don't see any other girl team winning this season.

While I don't think Diem's an angel she's trying to make everyone think, I still hate Nany more. And even though I disliked Diem before, I have grown to like her now, in spite of everything. So I hope Diem knocks Nany out of the game.

Jordan and Marlon winning was great, but I'm sure this will be a reason for them going into the jungle next week. Plus, Jordan didn't lose any time with Sarah being gone.. Wow! Manwhore! Lol

I loved that they didn't eliminate anyone, but made them do everything anyway!

Jemmye/Knight drama didn't interest me one bit. She is crazy and he is just nasty.
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