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In the new issue of SOD on sale tomorrow, there is an interview with Ken Corday about the state of the show.

Among the topics covered are:

- The state of the show as a whole. Corday shares that he's excited that the show is doing well overall, and that the network is "thrilled" as well. Morale is up among the actors.

- What's they're taping now. "There will be a lot more airtime for certain characters like Sami/EJ, a lot more of Nicole." Corday also mentions Daniel, Eric, Brady, Rafe and Jordan. He then says with the Kristen story wrapped up, the show can "breathe a little bit into new areas".

- Drake's status. He's not taping right now. "There is a very good chance he will come back and have beats", but for now he's not taping. Corday goes on to praise the character and say he hopes he's featured again soon. SOD then presses him on whose decision it was...

- Marlena. She'll be involved with Sami and Eric, since she's "very involved" with what's going on in their lives.

- Hope. Bo is not coming back at present. Corday mentions "Sami, Hope and Jennifer" as the strong women of Salem and says they need to be seen more.

- Bo. Corday says there were discussions with Peter and describes that an agreement was not reached.

- Chandler and Camila's exits. Corday is not bringing in replacements. JJ and Theresa will be featured, and Rafe and Jordan will as well. But Nick, Sonny and Will will be involved in a story in the meantime.

- The tape schedule. Corday says it is difficult, but then he describes a big mystery storyline that's coming up. (ie, the storyline is about a mystery.)

- Corday is optimistic about hitting the 50th anniversary.

- SOD asks him if awards mean something now that he's won one. In a lengthy answer, he says yes.

Be sure to check out SOD for more details about every one of these items, and a few extras. SOD doesn't let him get away with anything in this interview!
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