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Aug 1 2013, 01:53 PM
So from what I gather...is the December 'mystery' going to be that Kristen is 'killed' and somehow there is a who killed Kristen storyline? I can see so many people gunning for her when the truth about Eric comes out.....you have Brady, Nicole, Marlena, maybe EJ if Sami leaves him do to what his sister did, then you got Eric himself, Roman maybe? It seems like the mystery could be tied to whatever happens to Kristen....then we know of those lookalikes....who knows.
I want Kristen to go out with a bang, but I hope that's not what they've written as Kristen's exit. If they're leaving the door open for her to come back like it sounds, then we know Kristen wouldn't really be dead, and then it would just be a (poor) copy of the last time she was written off the show. If it really is a murder mystery, then I'd prefer that Kristen be actually, legitimately dead.
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