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They think if they get the characters that we like to adore Dannifer, we'll fall in line. But that never works because there has to be something appealing about the pairing first.

I never objected when a character I liked encouraged a couple IF I already loved the couple. Then it was fine. But there's that pesky little detail, you know...LIKING the couple that they're pushing...it's a prerequisite.

Maxine can talk about how great Daniel is all she wants. Kayla can. Hope can.

It's not gonna work for me. I'll just roll my eyes and wait til they're done.

I wish TPTB would see that if they have to work so hard to make a pairing work, it's not really working at all. I wish they'd see that there's something about Daniel that many of us don't like. He's been written poorly, shown to be fickle and self-interested.

He's not evil, but he's written as if he's a gift to women everywhere. Everyone just loves him, and really, there should be some concerns out there by the people who love Jennifer. They should wonder when he's going to hurt her, because that's what he's done before, several times. If Jennifer makes a mistake, Daniel will drop her and then proceed to essentially ignore her existence while he scouts out his next female companion, which will happen within a week or two.

It's what he does.
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