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Aug 1 2013, 09:56 PM
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Aug 1 2013, 07:58 PM
I don't see why they can't cast Autumn for Lucas, Mike Horton for Kayla, bring Vargas back for Hope.
They should really bring Autumn with a kid in tow.
A long lost child for Lucas would be a great potential storyline for him, although I think I'd prefer an older one that he fathered before being introduced onto the show.
Even better.....when he was introduced he was doing Cherish the rock star.....how about if Cherish had a kid from that encounter 20 years ago and this girl is older than WIll....shows up in town with alcoholism issues......he meets her at an AA meeting....that is a very good potential storyline for him....link this chick to Franco somehow and you got a good freaking story....she had a relationship with Franco's younger brother, who hired her to kill Lucas in revenge for killing his brother.....but somehow she turns out to be his daughter and as she's about to kill him she finds out who he is....then she has issues with gay men...but now with Will leaving we won't get that opportunity, not that Days would even attempt to give Lucas a story...but as we see it's not too hard
Yes, that would be too good to ever actually happen.

And you've also just demonstrated that it only takes a few minutes of thought to come up with an interesting storyline for Lucas that draws on his unique history. The professional writers have no excuse for not coming up with something more substantial for him.
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