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Aug 1 2013, 09:58 PM
Aug 1 2013, 09:54 PM
Oh. You know what I did like?

Well, aside from seeing Lucas and Hope, which is always good...I liked that Hope had talked to "Kimber" about Theresa, and that Kimber told her that Theresa had had a bumpy time.

I'm still unhappy that we didn't get to see the lunch between Jennifer, Hope, Kayla, and Caroline the other day. We HEARD about it, and I would have wanted to see it, and hear their discussion, which I think would have been great to gain some insight into their thoughts about Theresa and how they might help her.
wait wait wait wait... what supposed lunch?? i'm totally bummed that the audience wasn't invited!
Jen/Hope/Kayla/Caroline lunch chit chat >>>>>> EJ/Sami or Jen/Dan

Yeah. Last week, Theresa was lying to Jennifer as usual. She hadn't been in the office doing her job, and as an excuse, she told Jen that she'd needed to spend time with her family because they were so upset about Sami. But Jennifer replied that she'd JUST had lunch with Caroline, Kayla, and Hope, and they'd asked Jennifer how Theresa was doing, because they hadn't seen her recently.

Theresa was CAUGHT in a lie, which was great...except I would have LOVED to see that lunch and hear that conversation. It would have been nice. At least Jen and Hope got to spend time together today, and that was great. The only problem is, it was all about Daniel...and I don't like Daniel, LOL!

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