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Aug 1 2013, 12:34 PM
Someone needs to correct her over these Shane rewrites. Those scenes were NOT the last time Jeannie saw Shane. It has been said several times as Patsy guested over the years that both kids have been back and forth between LA and London. Plus, when Kim was suffering from MPD the kids went to London (and Shane) off-screen. Apparently, they wound up back with Kim (per Patsy's guest stints and the arrival of Theresa). Shane cane be the distant fatherhood figure they want easily without rewriting all of that IMO.
Yeah, just in general Shane was a very loving father. I can see him screwing it up, breaking promises, etc. but I can't see him being indifferent. If anything, Shane would have been really guilty about losing that first year of her life and would have tried really hard in those early years to make it up to her. But, I'm afraid Shane's going to get thrown under the bus, like Steve, John and Jack to justify a S/L and Theresa's behavior. :shame:

I can't wait to find out what brought all this on. I'm kind of hoping that this all started when Shane disappeared and Kim got cancer and that it just was too much for her to handle and this is how she's coping. Now she pushes everyone away, If I don't care, I can't get hurt. I guess we'll see.

The only thing about her getting involved with Daniel, is that it puts her in Victor's orbit. I'm really curious what Victor would say to her, if anything. Probably offer her some candy. :eyeroll: Of course, Victor and Shane were in the same room 20 years later and nothing happened, but I love when the younger set bumps into history and don't have a clue.
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