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GH August Preview

Luke: We will pick up on the trail for Jerry Jax and we see that Luke has a partner in crime helping him out. We already know that Laura is on Luke's trail and will also be working with him but thereís another twist coming. Fans will have to tune in to find out this one. Also, Could Luke stumble upon Robin, since heís on Jerryís trail?

Kikiís Paternity: Since we already know that Silas is Kikiís dad, what will this mean for ELQ? This will become a big scandal as Connie is tempted to run with the story, even though Sonny asked her not too. This will have a ripple effect that impacts Michael, Morgan, Silas, and all of ELQ (Tracy and AJ).

The Jeromeís: Avaís agenda and its connection to Derek Wells is about to blow open. Questions will be answered. With Ava being introduced as a Jerome, breadcrumbs were laid for weeks and itís about to launch a new bigger story that will change the power structure in Port Charles.

Samís Paternity/Dannyís Illness: With Danny getting sicker, Alexis and Sam decide to have a swab-a-palooza in search for a possible donor for Danny. Sam appeals to Derek, this new media mogul, to promote this.
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