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Aug 2 2013, 10:04 AM
Sweet and Salty
Aug 2 2013, 05:07 AM
Aug 1 2013, 07:19 PM
Jennifer needs jack. She's having a tough time.
Truer words could never be spoken. What if he were here. What a great presence he would have!!
Remember how poorly written the end of the Abby stalker plotline was but how Matt Ashford did amazingly during the reveal and was such a caring parent to Abby, even though he recognized she had problems and had done wrong?

Yeah. That was amazing.

More amazing than anything that's happened between Dan and Jennifer.
What I remember was that expression on Jack's face after everything with Austin had come out. For the first time ever, he was looking at his daughter with less than total adoration. While it was clear he still loved her and intended to support her, there was disappointment and a touch of grimness there too. A "yeah, you screwed up big time and now you're going to have to face the music" look. It gave me high hopes for the fallout (promptly dashed since MarDar couldn't tackle fall-out to save their lives), but it was a great, believable moment all the same. I only wish Jack could have had a moment like that with Jennifer, in which he could acknowledge that she'd let him down and disappointed him too. He always gave her too many free passes for the shit she pulled.

I miss Jack, of course. But I also miss the fallible, not-so-self-righteous Abigail who could screw up and who didn't think she had all the answers or the unquestioned moral high ground. Right now, she's as unbearable as her mother, and all she does is prop Fetch like almost everyone else in Salem.
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