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Aug 2 2013, 05:49 PM
If he has to be "made to see it" with a woman whom he has already had a relationship with and made love too several times, he is just not worth it.

What kind of drugs are tomsell taking that distorts logic so much that multiple men will crawl through broken glass for a chance to be shit on by an inferior child with the personality of a yeast infection, but they won't even give a second glance to a woman like Nicole?
ITA with all you said.

But since he does not know how she feels, I don't see the point of people telling him how she feels, and I hope she does not tell him how she feels because really it would serve no purpose. Nicole telling him how she feels will only serve one purpose and that is to give him the opportunity to tell her, that he does not feel the same way, and that he likes being a priest. If he acknowledges that she does have feelings for him, he would be uncomfortable around her because he knows he cannot return those feelings.

KC did say, that the Eric and Nicole relationship will not be going the way we think it will and I guess watching Eric's behaviour the last couple of days probably means that this is not developing into a love story the way we originally thought. It is just the usual Nicole falling for a guy and getting hurt or rejected by him. I cannot to see the point of them having everyone keep mentioning how Nicole feels about Eric, when the viewers knew from early days exactly how Nicole felt about Eric. If we did not get a clue from her fantasising about him, we would have clued on when she started talking to herself about her feelings for him.

So, already a pairing that I was becoming invested in, is now going down the drains. I have lost interest in conversations about how Nicole feels about Eric ages ago, and if they can't have Eric having feelings for Nicole because he is a priest, and they are going to have him remain a priest, why are they wasting our time with this story that is going nowhere. They could have used all this time they wasted over Eric to bring on someone new for Nicole who is not married to God or someone else, and have a slow developing romance for them but, I guess if TomSell's policy is that the Nicole character should never be happy, I guess bringing on a priest and Making her fall for him works just as well, as her chasing Daniel who wanted Jennifer. I will also never forget them killing her 8 months old baby.

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