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@ Treasurecove: I agree. I like your scenarios. That's part of what makes watching DAYS so frustrating. The little things are gone. The subtle characterizations -- like the stuff you've described -- just aren't there anymore, in my opinion. Too many of the couples suffer from awkward s/l build-up, that's either too long, slow or just awful in execution. Particularly Ericole. The writers have had plenty of time to build an actual, slow-burn romance between them, and all we've really gotten so far is her making doe eyes at him while he remains mostly oblivious.

@ Dee-anne: I hope this isn't another s/l where Nicole gets her still-beating heart ripped out of her chest by an unworthy guy! :'( But... I do share your pessimism. DAYS has such an appalling record of creating routable couples lately. It's hard to support any one couple when partners keep getting shuffled around interchangeably, written inconsistently and almost guaranteed to come to a heartbreaking end.
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