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Sammie Jo
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Aug 2 2013, 11:29 PM
It seems like some people have their wired cross when it comes to Faith Newman's paternity.
Anyway, someone on Youtube by the name of Partygirl045 have put together an entire year of videos of Nick and Sharon scenes.
It would be nice if people could take a look at the videos between June to September when Nick accidentally found out that the baby was his when Sharon was talking to her mother. Sharon decided not to tell Nick that the baby she was carrying was his because Summer was sick in the hospital because Patty Williams gave her peanuts. Sharon did not want to break up Nick's family.

Partygirl045 Youtube is Videos of Nick & Sharon

"Sharon" said?
Since when is that proof of anything?
Nick "said" Summer was his without any proof, so what any of these characters "said" is immaterial.
Is there anywhere on those videos where Nick actually SAW the paternity tests? That's the only one I'm interested in, and that would be nice to see instead of going through months of videos.
It's just hard for me to believe that he would go to meet Sharon to see the tests and then not bother to read them. I mean, that's practically the national pastime in GC, reading DNA tests. LOL
It would be something if Faith was Jack's since it's going to turn out that Summer isn't, and he could raise Faith while Sharon is in a padded cell, or, since phyliss will be gone, Sharon could try to worm her way back into Jack's life, because I'm betting that Nick is going to say, adios to miss looney toons.
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