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I watched it out of curiosity, and it was actually pretty cute. GV is so good at being endearing. He also gets to show a more mischievous side than we've seen him show as Eric. He has great chemistry with the kids in this movie, too, and a fairly decent amount with AS as well.

As for AS, I liked her much more in this role than as Sami (at least as she's been written since about the time EJ showed up). The bottom line for me is that I find her cute, but not gorgeous, and I think she has very little sex-appeal on-screen. I totally buy her as a mom of two, living a fairly unextraordinary life, being kind of awkward and self-conscious now and again, and being kind of adorable/lovable for it. I can see why a regular guy would be attracted to her and fall in love with her.

I do NOT buy her as a woman that wordly, sophisticated criminals would become obsessed with. I do not buy her as a woman that multiple men would be fighting over, and be so taken with that they'd keep taking her back after she repeatedly leaves them for someone else. And that's how the Days writers insist on writing her.
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