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Eric wouldn't think it was Susan. The Susan line was in jest. If he saw someone who had a very similar facial structure to Kristen, he'd think it was Kristen, disguised as Susan. People don't become completely unrecognizable by removing a hat or wearing different glasses or going back to their original hair color. And if Kristen just ran out, she runs more of a risk of being seen than if she hides.

I just think it's a HUGE stretch for him to even think it looked at all like Kristen, or Kristen in a disguise. It wouldn't even cross his mind. He doesn't even recognize the short haired brunette in his flashbacks to the hotel as Kristen, and she didn't have buck teeth. She wouldn't even have to run out, just demurely pass by with her head down. Just stupid, IMO
Kristen almost got caught at the hotel, too; Eric thought there was something familiar about her, and he didn't even see her face. She didn't have buck teeth at the hotel, but that didn't matter, since Kristen kept her back to him the whole time. Kristen is known for using wigs and fake teeth as a disguise, so if he saw her face, he'd immediately realize what was going on. She could just try and pass by and run the risk of one of the guys trying to interact with her and recognizing her, or she could try and wait them out in the bathroom. The second option is less risky. Agree to disagree.
Yea, we'll agree on disagreeing. However, LOL... Do the people of Salem know Kristen is "known for using wigs and fake teeth as a disguise"? I'm trying to remember back in the 90's if anyone ever knew she impersonated Susan. I don't think so. Far as anyone knew it was Susan there in Salem after Kristen "drowned". Correct me if I'm wrong.
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