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Sweet and Salty

Aug 3 2013, 01:11 PM
Aug 3 2013, 01:06 PM
Nicole is not allowed to stand up for herself, that's why people can say what they want to say and she just stands there and takes it. She never used to be like this but recently, this uncharacteristic behavior is getting out of hand.
When they allow Nicole to be treated like this by a snot nosed high schooler,things are way way out of hand.They need to fix this ASAP.Nicole should be allowed to give back as good as she gets in the verbal sparring.The only time they even come close is when she is talking to/about EJ (How often is that going to happen) and even then she does not get the last word.
This is REAL (soap) LIFE! What emotionally damaged teenager wouldn't do those things? The writers aren't LETTING JJ talk to Nichole in an abusive way, they're writing it that way for a reason we don't know yet! Nichole doesn't ever just stand there and take things! She's one of the toughest women on the show as far I'm concerned! She taken punch after punch and yet still has a tender heart. Now that's tough in the purest form. She didn't stoop down and return verbal barb for verbal barb and teach JJ by example that that's how a mature adult is supposed to handle pain when you experience it! Now we all know Nichole can give back very well, when it stands for it, with any adult! She CAN hold her own and could very easily have done so with JJ. But she has compassion, which is in character for Nichole. Of course there are exceptions to every personality. That's just my perspective.
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