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Aug 4 2013, 01:33 AM
Can someone explain the story behind this writing team again? Weren't they fired and then rehired? Can another give a rundown as to who was in charge since 2010 when it came to writing and producing. I'm trying to find it, but it's a bit confusing. I love this current team.
Tomlin used to be one of the EPs. He was fired around the time Higley was fired. Meng replaced Tomlin as an EP, and MarDar replaced Higley as HWs. Not even a year later, MarDar were fired and Tomline was rehired, this time as a HW, and Whitesell was hired as his co-HW. there are more people that were fired/promoted/demoted/hired, but that's the basic chain of changes that pertain to what you're asking.
there's all sorts of rumors why people were fired/rehired. Tomlin's firing is most commonly attributed to his apparent dislike of Peter & Kristian and his undying support for CC. According to one version, Tomlin's firing was a casualty of his being on CC's "team" in the "BTS battle" between the 3 actors. there are rumors that MarDar were fired because they wanted to write their own stories, and not the stories NBC wanted them to tell, so Tomlin was hired because he & Bruce Evans are friends/work well together/etc. and so Tomlin would write whatever he was told to write. Thus Tomlin is basically NBC's puppet. some people will say that MarDar were fired because of the poor ratings, but TomSell got similarly low ratings for a time, and there have been weeks during their regime where "compared to last year (aka MarDar's stories)" was better than this year, and yet they didn't get fired. that leads to another rumor that claims that TomSell aren't really the HWs any more, they're just basically "pretty faces" and that it's Lorraine Broderick that's doing the actual HW-ing.
i'm sure someone else will respond to you with a differing theory. it's all pretty much speculation.
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