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Yea, we'll agree on disagreeing. However, LOL... Do the people of Salem know Kristen is "known for using wigs and fake teeth as a disguise"? I'm trying to remember back in the 90's if anyone ever knew she impersonated Susan. I don't think so. Far as anyone knew it was Susan there in Salem after Kristen "drowned". Correct me if I'm wrong.
They probably know about that switch now that the storyline has been rewritten to say that no one ever thought Kristen was dead. They also know about the time Kristen faked being Susan and signed away her rights to EJ (leading to jarlena running the same scam and signing him back over to Susan).
i don't know that John and Marlena ever told anyone else or Eric about that. All Eric cared about back then was getting Marlena to dump John and get back with clayface. He was almost a Kristen supporter.

Still a HUGE stretch, IMO
Okay. I find it a lot easier to believe that Eric and Marlena talked about things besides Roman in 1998, especially something weird like Kristen's antics and that Kristen would take precautions not to be caught, because she thinks Eric is capable of recognizing people even if they're wearing a couple of small disguises. :shrug:
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