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Aug 4 2013, 10:53 AM
Aug 4 2013, 10:21 AM
Aug 3 2013, 11:24 PM
She isn't allowed the last word against anyone. She even had to beg Maggie for forgiveness. Maggie did what Adrienne is trying to do. When Jack died she ran like hell to break up Danicole. Nicole lost the most out of everyone, yet no one else accepted their part in the blame. Nicole is the one who is still apologizing, and singing the praises of everyone else while they still look down on her.
While JJ may have emotional and psychological scars because of the death of his father and separation from his family during his grieving period,that does not give him license to unleash his anger and verbal abuse upon Nicole.When the show allows a lying manipulative drug dealing high schooler to look down on her,that is where I believe the writers have crossed the line with Nicole.As I indicated earlier,she could have been allowed to put in his place without being abusive.In their encounter,I think JJ was abusive and I know very few adults who would allow that behavior to be directed toward them by a teenager without a strong verbal ,if not physical,response.
I'm going to disagree. JJ has always been - to the point of irrationality - protective of his family, even Abby and Jennifer when they don't deserve it. It's a good trait that the writers are building into his character, and it makes him a lot more compelling than the so-far one note vixen that is Jeannie Theresa.

If I knew someone had falsely accused my mother of causing a stillbirth and tried to send them to jail, there would be no way I would show them any respect, even if my mother had for some reason forgiven them.

Don't get me wrong. I loathe that Sami, for all the wrongs she's done, gets portrayed as a heroine and true love, while Nicole is always the town pariah and I really, really and I mean really hated that she was turned into angst for Dannifer about two minutes after Jack's death. I hated, hated, hated (Roger Ebert, RIP) that Nicole lost her baby in service of Dannifer. I totally agree that Nicole too often gets the short shrift.

But I kind of loved the JJ and Nicole scene, because Nicole had his number, she called him out on his BS but she didn't make excuses for her own behavior and understood where JJ's attitude was coming from. This kind of complicated thinking is one of the reasons Nicole is such a compelling character.

I always thought that if the show didn't want Jack and Jennifer anymore that Nicole would have been a fabulous love interest for Jack. It pains me to see Nicole propping Dannifer, and I have hopes that as Jack's friend and someone who knows a little bit about being a screw up and turning oneself around, Nicole could be a positive force in JJ's life.

Add to that, Casey Moss is doing great in his scenes, but he's even better when he's with the show's best actors. So, I'm all for JJ and Nicole conflict turning into her helping him, for Jack's sake.

Personally, I did not enjoy that exchange between JJ and Nicole. If after meeting Nicole for the first time and she was being rude about his family in his presence, then maybe I would see it as him defending them, but that was not the case. If the writers thought that allowing JJ to be outright rude to Nicole would endear him to more people, well it did not work with me. I did not find him compelling, I found him obnoxious and I wish Nicole had more to say to put him in his place.

I saw it as another opportunity used by the writers to throw Nicole's past in her face, and to have Nicole singing Jennifer praises. She was so wonderful to forgive me, as if Jennifer was a total innocent in what happened, and she hardly spent anytime in jail. Was it one night or less. So it's funny how he hears what Nicole did & that little information about them being on good terms now did not get communicated to him.

So far I continue to think JJ is a one note character. I am not sure about Theresa as yet. They certainly haven't fleshed him out, so at the moment there is not really much to like, He is cute, and I don't mind him hating on Daniel, not because I don't like Daniel, but it's because I want Dannifer to end for good but, not even JJ is successful at doing that it seems.
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