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Aug 4 2013, 05:04 PM
I don't think Phyllis is brain dead, unlike the person that brought the incident on. There is coma and there is brain dead.Coma you are still in control of breathing, BP, reflexes. Brain dead relies on machine until the heart beat stops. There is a whole separate nerve box like that runs the heart.
Was Phyllis's spinal cord severed? Is she paralyzed?
She could very easily wake up. Healing while she is out.
Come onnnnnnnnnnnn Phyllis. Your work isn't finished yet!
She spoke, to herself, because she could not say outloud what she wanted to say... before she had the convulsion...maybe she can hear everything,,but can't respond. I always wondered about such a thing. Would that not be horrible! To hear but not be able to .............respond....OMG.................. what a nightmare...(I am really not talking about the fictional Phyllis)...in real life...ugg :shrug:
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