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I think it is so very sad that apparently neither Corday nor his precious writers have a clue of the gold mine of actors they have sitting on the bench.

The majority of a soap opera audience loves the DRAMA. Good drama.
Do they realize what an outstanding actress they have in Deidre Hall? She can act circles around the others. How about giving her a cancer scare? Bring John back to support the ONLY woman he has ever loved

Do we REALLY need to see another 'Sami Going to Jail" storyline?? It had ran its course decades ago.

The dramatic scenes between Sami and Will last year when he had witnessed her betrayal of her wedding vows was excellent writing. But once again they just brushed it all under the rug.

How about some dramatic Hope story with her searching for a lost husband? It makes no sense what is going on with them right now.

I just think they could do so much better with what they have and I sure hope they try because I am so losing interest.
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