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Aug 5 2013, 12:02 AM
It shocks me that Shawn Christian has stayed with the show for this long. He has to know the kind of backlash that his character receives and how most people feel about the Dannifer pairing. I'm sure he reads SOD, and I'm sure he saw the poll that screamed a resounding NO to a Dannifer reunion earlier in the year. I don't like the character at all, but I do imagine it's hard for SC as the actor who portrays Dr. Dan.
I don't wish for S.C to leave the show. I wish for better writing and stories for the characters which includes Dr. Dan. There are people who hate the Dannifer pairing but do not hate Daniel. I like Daniel, hate Dannifer, the only pairing I liked him in was Danloe, and I enjoy him in scenes with other characters. I do hate the uneccessary pimping that the character gets, but that's down to the writers who also refuse to end Dannifer.

Daniel have haters, but I am sure SC has his many fans that love him and tell him so too. Some of them will probably support him in whatever pairing he is in. Or there are those who like him, and wish they pair him with someone who he has chemistry with.

The writers are writing for the character, so no reason for SC to want to leave the show. Maybe if he was been seen as often as Roman, dissatisfaction wouldl set in, and he would probably want to leave then.
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