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Aug 5 2013, 09:09 AM
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It shocks me that Shawn Christian has stayed with the show for this long. He has to know the kind of backlash that his character receives and how most people feel about the Dannifer pairing. I'm sure he reads SOD, and I'm sure he saw the poll that screamed a resounding NO to a Dannifer reunion earlier in the year. I don't like the character at all, but I do imagine it's hard for SC as the actor who portrays Dr. Dan.
Not really. He's pretty popular outside of this board. Every event like thing I've been to is full of proDaniel and proDannifer fans.
i think i'd like him if they wrote Dan as skeevy instead of trying to make him the good guy in every situation. And if they hadn't Joey Tribbiani'd Jack for the sake of Dan. I actually sort of liked Dannifer the first go around.
I think Daniel is one of the most pointless characters ever. I don't think he has a a place on the show at all, and I think it's a travesty that he's lasted as long as he has and has been so central, especially since he's not exactly a spring chicken and the show has actual vets that play actual characters that are actually relevant to the show. Plus, Shawn is kind of creepy. But he definitely has fans.
Just kinda creepy??

He's full out skeevy.

And his character is pointless.

Along with another hairy, monotone character that's basically a more boring, less personalble, hairier version of Bo.

Why couldn't we just keep Bo again?
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