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Aug 1 2013, 01:43 PM

Be sure to check out SOD for more details about every one of these items, and a few extras. SOD doesn't let him get away with anything in this interview!
Somehow I doubt SOD "doesn't let him get away with anything".

Corday is a complete dumbass.

1) Drake still not taping, and he doesn't explain why. And then even if he DOES come back, it will just be for "beats"?!?!? Give me a break. Don't "praise the character" out of one side of your mouth, Corday, when you are shitting on it through the other.

2) Marlena. Oh great. She's "very involved" in what's going on with Sami & Eric. I don't mind her being involved, but her character deserves more!

3) Strong women on the show. Hope, yes. Jennifer, NO. Sami, HELL NO! (and once again, Marlena left out? Are you kidding me Corday?!)

4) We will get to see MORE screentime for Sami & EJ, and Daniel and whoever the fuck those other people are!? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like we don't see Sami and Daniel enough already! Disgusting.

5) I like Nicole, but as someone else mentioned, I bet she will be thrown under the bus for the sake of Sami or Daniel or Jennifer or someone else no one likes just like all the other good characters.

Looks like I won't be watching this show for a long time (at least November as it stands now), and a very long time if they don't fire these horrible writers and have someone pull Ken's head out of his clueless ass.

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