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Aug 5 2013, 04:39 PM
Aug 4 2013, 07:24 AM
Aug 2 2013, 10:15 PM
Eileen is certainly getting the message now. I hope she recalls this when she's ready to work again -- remember the show that not only gave her the best material, but had such a massive appreciative response from viewers. Critics and viewers are still having meltdowns. I'm all for shorter story arcs. I would love Kristen to return, with her first scene featuring a "proper" reveal such as turning around in a swivel chair in an office, shocking someone like Marlena. We really need to find out what the big exit is before coming up with some ideas though.

I started my Facebook page the moment it was announced that Eileen had been axed from "Y&R." It was to petition the show to bring Kristen back. Now, the show will probably be more than interested in having Kristen return, and the person that will decide if that happens is Eileen. Can't petition her. lol

Do you think we didn't get anymore promotional photos because the show knew that she was leaving? We got two photos of her in the green top, one feature her with Brady. Then we got a small one of her against the glass on the hospital set, and then we got that red dress diva pose. That was it. It's starting to all make sense now.

Did anyone know that in the last 7 years, "Y&R" has gone through 5 head writers?!
That's the norm for promo pics. That has nothing to do with this.

Technically Days has gone through send head writers in seven years. JER/Milstein/Sheffer/"Mark" Higley/Dena/MarDar/TomSell
Since 2010, can you post the timeline of writing teams?
Here's a list of all the writers:


Here's since 2010:
Dena Higley...........................................1/25/08*-8/25/11.......10748-11659 (912 episodes)
Marlene McPherson & Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.......8/26/11-8/16/12.........11660-11898 (239 episodes)
Gary Tomlin & Christopher Whitesell....8/17/12-Present..........11899-Present (243 episodes as of today, 8/5/13)

*Higley's start date is listed as 1/25/08, although she was not credited on-screen until 4/23/08.

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