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Aug 6 2013, 01:40 AM
Aug 6 2013, 01:17 AM
Panda Panda
Aug 5 2013, 10:43 PM
Outside of Gabi, Wilson, Sami, and the DiMera's I don't think anyone else knows about Kate & Rafe.
Maxine knows. Kayla knows. Abe knows.

And Kate told Rafe a couple of weeks ago that "everyone" knows about their relationship now.
Can not find that scene where it looks like Nicole knows Rafe and Kate are up to something.

but I did find a rather fun montage.... I am a knifes edge away from shipping Nife.
Daniel knows (and has known since before Rafe was attacked), too.

You're probably thinking about the episode below, but I don't know if we ever saw any confirmation that Nicole really knew what was going on between Rafe and Kate prior to his attack. In the episode below, she's just suspicious of the fact that Rafe is defending Kate.

Regardless, I see no reason to believe that Nicole doesn't know now that Kate and Rafe were romantically involved (because, as Kate told Rafe, I'm sure that "everyone" knows now, and keeping only Nicole in the dark doesn't really serve any purpose), and she might have made some sort of comment about it while he was in a coma.

Skip to the 2:59 mark for the relevant scenes.

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