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Aug 5 2013, 08:19 PM
I need for Daniel and Nicole to never be in a scene together again.
This show is driving me up a wall with the Daniel and Jennifer need to be together crap. It's as if they sit in the writers room and look at all the pictures of the cast and ask 'who haven't we used yet to tell Jennifer and Daniel how wonderful they are together? Oh hey! Rafe is out of the coma! It's his turn!' ENOUGH, KNOCK IT OFF

Marge is in for the shock of her life and a huge crash when she discovers her saintly husband was down right dirty. I liked how the cops looked the other way and let her in to give Sami hell. It's a good addition to the story.

Rafe and Nicole are just plain cute together. The smiles are genuine the banter smooth and overall great chemistry. I would have liked more, especially Nicole giving Rafe the business for hooking up with Kate. They should have kept Nicole at the hospital and lengthened their scenes.

So JJ stands up to Teresa, nice . . . but there he goes again. Sucker! :P I like their story and Anne's comical turnaround with Teresa today.

I would like Daniel and Nicole in scenes together a lot more, if they stop having her talk about how great Daniel is and, pimping Daniffer. Surely they can find something else for them to talk about. Discussing how much she likes Eric should be taboo, as well as any discussion about how much Nicole likes Daniel.

Not really a fan of Rafe, so if they never share scenes, I am fine with that.

Not interested in anything Sami related, but if Marge is giving her a hard time, I am rooting for Marge.
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