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Aug 6 2013, 07:31 AM
I donīt think itīs wrong to make accommodations to a actor/actress if the character is important to the show, of course it can be discussed whether or not AS is important it seems like itīs only the Ejami fans that is enjoying her for the moment. It also depends on how other cast members feels about it. Anyway since they already made accommodations to her maybe makes it harder to make further accommodations to others even if they would want to. It must be near impossible to make three different schedules even if CM and ED is great losses.

A show shouldnīt be to depended on one character. The show just needs to cast good actors/actresses and give them interesting characters. At least that applies on viewers that are interested in more than one character.
and Will would certainly be that important future character, he's the next important male leading man on this show....if it lasts for 10 years...Will is the one that will be front and center....I agree with you that the show shouldn't be to dependent on one character, but that is the way of soaps.....it is what it is..

IF Chandler needs accommodating then he should be accommodated, I would understand if the show had never done any accommodating for actors but they have, so they should now do it to others. HOwever, if he was just holding out for more money then I think it was a bad move on his part...the show was ready to see him go...unless it's a ploy by the show to stop everyone from thinking he's leaving so that the impact of how the character is written out takes the audience by surprise.....
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