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Aug 6 2013, 09:22 AM
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Then if they are all done by 6 every day, then why would the actors be resentful of other actors pursuing other opportunities? It's no skin of their noses. That sounds like petty resentment.
I don't think they're resentful of anyone pursing other projects, but it shouldn't effect their lives.....it shouldn't be any skin off their nose.
If they are done by 6 every day, then WHAT IS THE ISSUE of accommodating Chandler so he can go to college? IN THE SAME TOWN.
How do you know that this was an issue? Maybe Chandler wanted to be a full time student and thus no amount of bending by DOOL would help?

Chandler never revealed or made it appear as if DOOL was not giving him what he wanted to make him stay, in fact his previous comments were that he wanted to go no matter what.
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