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I think it depends on how they do the accommodating. A couple of years ago, the way they were accommodating AS's schedule was awful. It kept her, Rafe, and EJ in a little bubble, and it felt like two different shows were airing. I remember us complaining about the way some scenes played out when Grace died and it ended up being because they had to film them separately because she wasn't there. When you're accommodating for an actor, you can't have them be the lead in a main story like that. They've been doing better about that lately though, IMO. Idk how people felt about it at the time, but to me it makes more sense to do like they did with Deidre in the 80s (though that didn't last long and apparently wasn't working well anyway). She was in the main story but it made sense for her part to be done separately. She was in a coma and then kidnapped. Either way, she wasn't supposed to be in the middle of everything happening in Salem. Working around school is about different. I doubt Chandler's classes are all after 6.
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