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So, who else was watching OC with their feet on their couches?

I think Lydia was the only person I was really on side with. I loved her calling out Slade and throwing polite shade at Ryan.

Vicki needs to own the shit she's talked about Slade and she needs to accept that he's going to dish some back. I think Lydia was even dancing around that point when she told him off for talking about her. Playing the woman card is a cowardly. If you can dish it out venom, expect it back.

I feel for Gretchen, and I don't. She's been the center of alot of hypocrisy from Vicki for a long time and she's grasping at straws to fight back with something, anything really, even the clearly false story from Lori. She's definitely the last person who should be scolding someone for pushing their products, is Gretchen-Christine even in a store that doesn't have 1-800 in front of it?!

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