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That was a great OC finale!

I felt awful for Lydia's mom. I really liked Ryan until last night. It could've been that he had too much to drink, but we've seen him get like this when talking about Brooks earlier in the season with Vicki's brother Billy. This time, however, it was directed towards Lydia's mother and anyone that tried to reason with him. It was horrific. You could tell Briana was in a weird position. She's trying to defend her husband, but at the same time, she knows he's out of line and she's trying to stop him from saying anything further.

I was kind of uncomfortable watching Jim cry when Tamra apologized. I thought it was a touching moment, but at the same time, I never expected him to cry. Alexis crying, sure. Not Jim though.

I hate anyone that makes me defend Gretchen, and Heather made me do that last night. Heather needs to have several seats. She's becoming too much for me. I get wanting to have your point expressed, but do not talk down to somebody and then in the same breath, claim you didn't. Last season, she had valid points when going against Alexis. This season, she's losing me. Especially with last night's confrontation with Gretchen. It's like Heather wants her point to be expressed and things to just end. That's not a conversation. If that's what you want, go talk to a tree. Or your castrated husband.

All hail Vicki G! The woman can do no wrong in my eyes. I don't even care. I will always support the queen.

The reunion looks very juicy. I'm so glad Tamra and Gretchen's fake friendship is over. They were so nauseating. It's nice to see not everyone going after Alexis for a change. Heather and Lydia going at it was quite surprising, and something I'm looking forward to seeing develop. Lauri should've stayed home. She's grasping at straws. Surely Andy Cohen could've come up with something else if he wanted Lauri back so bad. Going after Vicki with these horrible allegations of threesomes is just stupid. And it really hurt Lauri's character. Hope whatever Bravo paid Lauri for her part-time appearance was worth it. I can't imagine it was.
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