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Aug 6 2013, 10:23 AM
...........But he could, say, schedule all of his classes for 2 days a week and be available to shoot 3 days a week. He could have a morning class and leave the afternoon open or vice versa. This isn't like high school where you have to be somewhere at a set time every day. College schedules are by their nature, flexible..........
I suspect that he wants the "college experience". You can't have that and be racing to the studio a couple days a week. Plenty of students juggle jobs, but I don't think you can compare appearing on a daily network television series with delivering pizzas, working in a restaurant, or even holding down a fulltime corporate job.

He's barely into his twenties, has been a wildly successful working actor for a big chunk of his young adulthood, and probably is hearing the counsel of family/friends that he is going to need a solid education to be successful in show business. And it is a business.

If we went back and looked at the past twenty years of soap actors, even the emmy nominees/winners, I bet many of them are barely scraping by as actors or have found new careers. Isn't Judi Evans' full time job managing a funeral parlor/cemetary? I don't exactly see Van Hansis or Jake Silberman tearing up the big/small screen? And I think even in all our wildest dreams, DOOL isn't likely to be on the air in another ten years.

He'll do what's best for him.
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