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Aug 7 2013, 05:35 AM
Y&R will treat her like wallpaper. That show will never give her meaty material. Days gave her material any actor would kill to receive. Y&R will no doubt not allow her to do both shows like Days was willing to give her.

Wait though, wasn't Sony the one who demanded her contract be cancelled because they felt Days needed her more? If so, why would they let her go back to Y&R now??

I hope Eileen can still get an Emmy nom next year. I don't know if that's ever occurred before -- an actor nominated after having been off a show awhile before the awards ceremony.
Yes, it was SONY who terminated her contract in 2012 and they also arranged her brief return to Y&R in 2013. However, she is not a slave and they can't force the actress to work on Days if she doesn't want to because of the schedule and workload interfering with her personal life even if TPTB at SONY see (and I hope they do) that she is more needed there.

It looks like it couldn't be so difficult to come to an agreement - for example, Days could offer a financially acceptable contract with significantly less number of episodes (maybe with some months off) and allow her go for some story arcs on Y&R. That would be good for both shows. So if I was TPTB at Sony ;) ...., but I'm not :unsure: :unsure: Who knows how it works in this industry. Personally, I have no idea.
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