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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Jeanne Marie Ford

Segment 1: After the kiss Dan asks Jen what she is doing. Jen - What I should have done a long time ago. She kisses him again.

JJ tells Theresa he doesn't have time to talk right now. She knows she was a bitch earlier and would love to make it up to him. Do you want to meet me in the square? We can go somewhere private and ... JJ doesn't know. Theresa - Sure you do. See you in 10. She hangs up. Bev asks JJ - Who was that?

Nick is walking in the park talking on his cell. I talked with Ms Kent in HR and she said I should call and confirm my interview. Yes I understand. If you could keep me in mind ...

EJ suggests champagne; better yet, we can drink it when you get home. He's confident the new autopsy report will prove that she did not kill Joseph Bernardi. Sami - And then they'll have to drop the murder charges, right? EJ - You'll be home with me and the kids before you know it.

Justin - I'm sorry Mrs. Bernardi. I know this must be very painful but I do have a court order. Marge - I don't give a damn what you have. I'm here to tell you forget it. My husband was a hero and I'm not going to let that lying witch get away with murdering him. Samantha Brady will pay.

Nicole - Things are a little awkward between Eric and I right now. I feel like he's shutting me out. Brady - You want me to help smooth things over. Nicole - No. I think that will work itself out. I want to know if he's okay. Brady - You mean because of everything that's happened with Sami. Nicole - No, his health. You didn't see when they brought him into the hospital. I thought he was going to die. I need to know that whatever made him sick ... I just need to know that it isn't ever going to hurt him again.

Eric wants Kristen to tell him what she's looking for.

Sami - So how do we make sure that Marge doesn't have another chance to get at me. EJ reminds her that he told her she doesn't have to worry about Marge anymore. Sami - Okay what about the guards that let her in here. They stare at me like I killed one of their own. EJ tells her that both Abe and Hope, who are police officers, promised to protect her. Sami wants EJ to tell her that Kayla is going to find a way to prove that her bullet did not kill Joe Bernardi. EJ - She is confident that the autopsy will vindicate you. Sami - Okay. EJ gets a call. It's for you. It's important.

Marge - You won't defile my husband's memory. You won't put him through one more indignity. Justin - Mrs. Bernardi, you should know the reason why we requested the court order. We believe that your husband may not have died as a result of the gunshot wound. Marge - Sami Brady shot him in the back and now you're telling me, what? That it was natural causes. Justin - No, no one thought that the wound would be fatal. The doctors told you that that night. We just want to know the truth. I'm sure you do too. Marge - I already do know. That woman killed him in cold blood. She's not denying that she pulled the trigger. Would he be dead if she hadn't? Justin - We don't know. That's the point. Marge - Do you know how many people came to his memorial service? The police dept, the whole town. Even your wife thinks your case is a joke. Justin - That's not true. Marge - If it wasn't for Adrienne, Sami Brady would have gotten away with it. Your wife felt so strongly that justice needed to be served that she went behind your back ... Justin - If justice is truly going to be served we need to know what really happened. Now I'm not saying this to upset you but there is nothing you can do to stop this court order. Marge - Oh yes there is. I already have.

Dan ends the kiss. Jen - What's wrong? Dan - Nothing. Maggie and Parker can come in any second. Jen - I don't have to work again until this afternoon. Neither does Dan. Jen - That's really good for us. Dan agrees. Jen starts kissing him again. Dan grabs her hand and pulls her out the door.

Kristen holds up her bracelet. I was here earlier to drop off that cheque for the scholarship fund and my bracelet fell off my wrist apparently. Now that I've found it I will be on my merry way. Eric shuts the door. No, not quite yet. Kristen - And why not? Eric - I recognise the look of a guilty conscience. I'm pretty experienced in that area. You're wearing it. Surely you wouldn't want to lie to a priest so what aren't you telling me?

Segment 2: JJ tells Bev it was nobody important. What was I saying. Bev - You thought we could find a party. JJ - Most definitely but I better check with my mom to see if she's still okay with me going out. Bev - You're not still grounded, are you? JJ - No, thank God. I want to keep it that way. He's going to take off and get some things for tonight. Bev - For me? JJ - You'll see. He kisses her cheek and leaves.

Theresa bumps into Nick who drops his portfolio. (He's looking mighty handsome in his suit and tie). Theresa apologises. Nick - No, it's totally my bad. Sorry about that. Theresa looks at some of his papers. You're a stockbroker. Nick - I kind of dabble. He thanks her for helping him pick up his stuff. See ya. Theresa - Wait.

Brady - So you're really worried. Nicole - Of course I'm worried. It's not like I want to know some deep, dark secret. I just want to know ... Brady - That my brother is okay. Well he is. He's fine. He's great. If that changes, I'll pass it along. Nicole - Thank you. Brady - You work with him everyday, this is what I don't understand. If you're concerned why don't you just tell him you're worried. You were the one who took him to the hospital. You're the one who got him the treatment he needed. Nicole - Because I don't want to give him the wrong impression. Brady - You don't think he's beginning to suspect ... Nicole - That I'm in love with him. He does.

Kristen - So you think I'm lying; I think you're a little paranoid but given the fact that Sami is your sister and how long have you known Nicole? I guess I'd be a little paranoid too. Eric - If you thought you had lost your bracelet why didn't you just pick up the phone and call? Kristen - I was trying to be a nice person and not put you out. Eric - So you just let yourself into my office ... Kristen - I knocked first and no one was here. I was a little anxious. Brady gave me that bracelet. I have a feeling you wouldn't be quite this rude if I had another donation cheque in hand. Eric - I'm sure you know the days of the church selling indulgences is long over and I won't allow you to hold your generosity over my head. When you give money you shouldn't do it with strings attached. Kristen - Okay. So what about this is God's house and everyone is welcome. Whatever happened to that? Eric - Actually this is just my office and you didn't build it. I still believe you're not telling me the truth. Kristen recalls snooping on his computer and her antics at Mason's office. Alright, I'm not being completely honest.

Segment 3: Nick and Theresa are walking in the square. He tells her his name. Nick Fallon. Theresa - You know I said I was sorry for running into you back there but I take it back. Nick - Really. Theresa - Yeah. Actually I think I got pretty lucky. Your job sounds so fascinating. You basically get to gamble for a living, right? I'm sure you're very good at it. Nick - I've done okay. Theresa - I have so many questions that I want to ask you about what you do. I don't want to keep you or anything. I'm sure you're really busy but maybe I could buy you a coffee some time. I mean it's the least I can do since I basically mowed you down back there. Nick - I don't think the stock market is quite as thrilling as you think of it. Honestly, it's just a bunch of mergers and acquisitions. Theresa - I love mergers and acquisitions. Yeah, plus I'm kind of new in town and I could always use a couple of tips on acclimating. Nick - Actually I'm not busy right now if you want to grab that coffee unless you have other plans. Theresa - No, not a one. Nick - Okay, let's go. JJ just shakes his head as he sees them walk away together.

Jen and Dan are in his bedroom. The music plays as they make love.

Nicole - EJ said something to Eric. Brady - So EJ saw it too. Nicole - No. He's just making my life difficult. Brady - Nicole, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what's going on here. You might as well hang a neon sign on your back. It's just that Eric didn't want to see it. Nicole - Well he still doesn't. Although I think he said something to Fr Matt who's making cryptic comments about how I should go to confession. Brady - Oh God. Nicole - It's not funny. I didn't do anything wrong. I've been fighting it with a vengeance. Brady - I'm sure it's been very hard for you. Nicole - I guess I'm getting used to the idea of that's just how it's going to be between me and Eric. Awkward and tense and now he's decided to put distance between us and I just don't get it. We're together every day. Why can't we just be friends? Brady - Listen, I think EJ did you a favour. It's time to put yourself out of misery. Just tell him. Tell Eric the truth. Tell him how you feel.

Kristen - You are good. You got me. I do have an ulterior motive for wanting to be here. I was hoping that I would find Nicole alone here. She and I need to have a tete a tete. Eric - You mean claw to claw. Kristen - Yeah, whatever. And I knew you wouldn't approve so ... Eric - I know you and Nicole aren't the best of friends. Is there any reason why you're out for blood this week? Kristen - I'm not out for blood. I just wanted to talk with her. Brady and I are trying to work things out as you know. Eric - And what does that have to do with Nicole? Kristen - I want her to stay away from him because now that I'm back in the picture she needs to know that their little affair is officially done. Eric - What affair? Kristen - Oops.

Sami takes the phone. Hello. Johnny - Hi Mommy. Sami - Johnny, it's really good to hear your voice. Johnny - Yours too. Sami - I've heard you've been such a good boy. Johnny - Better than Allie. She was playing Beauty Shop with Grandma Marlena and she was using real scissors. Sami - Oh wow. Well I'm going to have to talk to her about that. Johnny - You can't, Allie's not here. Sami - Right, she has her swimming lesson. Johnny - And then we're going to the park to feed the ducks. Sami - I wish I could be there with you. Thank you for the video you made me. Johnny - I was the director. Sami - I bet you were. I watched it like a hundred times. Johnny - Mommy, are you coming home soon. Sami - I hope so. Yeah but until I do I am putting you in charge of giving your sister and your other sister and your brother tons and tons of hugs and kisses from me, okay? Johnny - I will. I love you. Sami - I love you so much. I love your sisters and brother so much. I'll talk to you soon okay. Johnny - Maybe tomorrow. Sami - Yeah, maybe tomorrow. Goodbye Johnny. Johnny - Goodbye mom. Sami cries. EJ apologies. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Sami - No it was. Thank you. EJ - I'll get you out of here. I'll take a d to the chapel, carry you back to our house over the threshold where we live with our children and we'll live ... Sami - No, you're not going to say happily ever after. EJ - No, dull, dull, dull. I was going to say thrillingly, blissfully married.

Justin - Mrs. Bernardi, this court order is final. Marge - What's final is that my husband is dead. You're not going to get the last word here. You won't poison Joe's memory, his good name with these lies about his character. Rafe was his friend and I talked to Det Hernandez when he woke up. He doesn't believe it either. Justin - I'm afraid we don't know the whole picture. Marge - Sure we do. Joe wasn't on the take. If he was would I be worried about how I'm going to pay my mortgage? Justin - Sorry. Marge - No you're not. And trust me, this heartless ploy of yours isn't going to help your client. Justin - I guess we'll see. Marge - Oh you will see counsellor because my husband wasn't buried. He was cremated.

Segment 4: Nick's phone rings. It's a call from the Dept of Corrections. I'm so sorry, I have to take this. Theresa - No worries, I'll grab us a table. Nick - Great. I'll see you in a second. Theresa sits down and pulls out her compact. JJ walks up. So is that the dude you've been crushing on? Theresa - What's it to you? JJ - You said you wanted to hang out. Theresa - So what? I changed my mind; woman's prerogative. JJ - God, I'm an idiot but you're an even bigger one if you're trying to snag that dude.

Dan and Jen bask in the afterglow. Dan asks what changed. Jen - I realised I don't want to risk losing you again. I couldn't stay away from you for one day, one hour. Dan - Does that mean ... Jen - It means that I love you and I'm never going to take that for granted again.

Nicole - Are you insane? Of course you are because you want to get back in bed with crazy Kristen. Brady - Do you want my help or not? Nicole - Why the hell would I admit I have feelings for Eric when he can't give me any back in return. He's a priest for God's sake. Brady - Yes he is but it's very, very bad form to lie to a priest. Nicole - Well it's very, very bad form to fall in love with him. Brady - You fell in love with him a long time ago Nicole. Nicole - Somehow I don't think I get a retroactive disposition. Brady - What do you think is going to happen when you tell him? Do you think he's going to rip his collar off and jump into bed with you? Nicole - No, of course not. Brady - Don't you think this is something that guy deserves to know? It's also going to feel better to get it off your chest. Nicole - No, I think it will ruin everything. He'll probably ask me to find a new job and a new place to live. Brady - Would that be so bad? Think about it. Nicole - It would. I've always been a bad girl and I always will but this is the least bad I've ever been. What if Eric selflessly decides to have himself transferred to another parish. St Luke's needs him here. His family needs him here. I need him here. Brady - I think you're underestimating my brother. He's not going to judge you. He's going to do whatever he can to work this thing out between you two. Nicole - What if someone else finds out? He can't go through another scandal. Brady - So your plan is to protect him by lying to him. Nicole - Yes. Brady - Even though he pretty much already knows the truth. Nicole - Yes. Brady - I'm not going to say anything but good luck with that. He leaves.

Kristen - You didn't know about Brady and Nicole. Well the good news it's just meaningless sex apparently. At least it was for Brady. I sure don't mean to be indiscreet. Eric - I'm sure you don't. Kristen - Well at least it's over, huh. It certainly is for Brady and I just want to make sure Nicole understands that. So I suppose you don't want me hanging around waiting for Nicole to come back. Eric - That's a good guess. Kristen - I hate gossip. I'm so sorry. I'll get out of your hair now. Have a great day. She leaves.

Segment 5: Theresa - What do you know about him except that he's 10 years older than you and ten times more worldly than you. JJ - Plenty, he's my cousin. Theresa - God! Is everyone in this town related! JJ - Pretty much. Oh and Nick's worldly alright. Let's see. He got hung up on a girl that wasn't interested in him so then he stalked her and was sent to prison for murdering her father. Yeah and then he married the first chick he met when he got out. Theresa - He's married. JJ - They're getting annulled. Theresa - Well no one's perfect. You should know. Besides, I like my men a little edgy. JJ - If you're looking for edgy, Nick's not your guy. He had a drug problem a while back so let's just say he's not going to be scoring you any coke. Theresa - Well neither did you. You know JJ, did anyone ever tell you it's tacky to trash your family. What's the matter, are you jealous? JJ - What the hell would I be jealous of? Theresa - I don't know. Maybe because he's brilliant and successful. JJ laughs. You think he's rich, don't you?

Jen panics. I've got to get to work. Dan does to. I should probably hit the shower first. Do you want to join me? Jen would love to but she has a conference call in 15 mins. Dan agrees that she should go. See you soon. Yeah. Dan - Promise? She promises. After multiple kisses she finally gets out of bed.

Justin - I have the records right here. Your husband was buried in the Salem Cemetery. Marge - That was the original plan but when I spoke with the funeral director he told me a funeral with all the works would cost 10 grand more than cremation. And I knew that Joe would want that money to go into Timmy's college fund not wasted on some plot and fancy casket. Justin - But after the memorial service ... Marge - We had a private burial service of the urn. You know I didn't think it mattered to anyone but me and Timmy but now I'm sure Joe guided my hand into making the right choice and I can't wait to see the look on your client's face when you break the news that she can kiss her life goodbye.

Sami tells EJ they'll have to pick a new wedding date. EJ asks why. Sami - Because I had you cancel all the plans. EJ disregarded that. Sami - You really have that much faith that Aunt Kayla's going to get me out of here by then. EJ - Yes I do. Sami - I guess I have some planning to do and time to do it. EJ - Well you don't have that much time. Sami tells EJ that this is her going to be her last, best, most important one - the one that matters. EJ gets a call. Justin, do we have an update? Are they going to do the exhumation today? Justin - I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Segment 6: JJ keeps laughing. Theresa - What's so damn funny? JJ - Nick just got fired. He's dead broke. Theresa - Oh yeah, then why does he wear a suit and carry a briefcase, to go window shopping? JJ - He probably had an interview. You should ask him if he got the job. You know the criminal background checks are kind of a killer in this economy. Theresa - Yeah, you're telling me. JJ - He'll probably have to go back to his old job washing dishes for your Grandma. Theresa - He's a busboy! JJ - Oh yeah. And the money he makes will probably go as alimony to the ex and the baby. Theresa - He has a baby! Oh God JJ you have to help me get out of this please! JJ - Are you kidding? 5 mins ago you were going to ditch me for Nick because you thought he was your ticket to the good life. Theresa - Don't be so sensitive okay. You can't dump somebody you're not dating. You're a kid for God's sake. We're just having fun. JJ - You know what, it's not fun anymore so why don't you do me the favour and don't ever call me again. He leaves.

Sami rants - How could she have the body cremated without anyone knowing about it. EJ - Justin is still trying to confirm that it's true. It's possible that she made the entire thing up to stop us in our tracks. It's going to be fine. Sami - How can you say that! This was my last, best chance of getting out of this place. If I don't, Johnny, Sydney and Allie are going to grow up without a mother just like I did. What do we do now?

Jen walks up to the nurse's station and greets Maxine. Maxine tells her that her son is waiting for her in her office. She has 3 messages for her as well. Jen is happy that her conference call is cancelled. Salem Magazine is getting really impatient about that article on Daniel. Oh my gosh, I won that PR award. I never thought that would happen. Maxine is telling Jen she's so happy for her when Dan arrives.

Kristen opens the door of the mansion to Brady. He notices that she found his bracelet. Kristen gets him to zip her dress up. Fr Matt walks up and makes his presence known.

Nicole returns to the rectory. Eric comments that he didn't hear her come in. Nicole says if he's in the middle of a prayer she can come back. Eric - I was just thinking. Nicole - About what? Eric - About you.

Segment 7: Nick joins Theresa and apologises for taking so long. Theresa - No worries. I'm sure your job keeps you busy. Nick - Well actually I'm kind of in between jobs right now. Theresa - OMG, he wasn't kidding. You're a broke, ex-con loser. Nick - Who said that? Theresa - It doesn't matter. You led me to believe that you're some successful stockbroker. Nick - Actually I never said that and if you just asked me out for coffee because you thought I was loaded ... Theresa - No, don't turn this around on me poodle okay. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's dishonest people. She leaves. Nick - Poodle?

A nurse walks up to Dan and asks for his signature. Maxine tells Jen it couldn't be more well deserved. Jen doesn't know about that. They banter back and forth. Jen heads off to her office. Dan greets Maxine. I saw you talking to Jennifer. I guess you heard the good news. Maxine - Yes I did and I'm so happy that it was Jennifer and not that barracuda from St Mary's. Dan - What are you talking about? Maxine - What are you talking about?

Jen greets JJ with a hug. JJ - I sent you a couple of a texts but you didn't respond. Jen - I think my phone was on silent. Are you okay? JJ - Yeah. I just came by to ask you a favour and lucky me, you look like you're in a really good mood. Is there something you want to share.

EJ's cell rings again. Justin. Justin - I'm sorry EJ. Marge was right. Her husband was cremated. EJ - Do you think that maybe somebody instructed her to do this to try and cover up the true cause of his death. Justin - Honestly, I don't think so. She was very convincing. She did it for her son. EJ - What about the medical records we already have. Doesn't Kayla's theory at least cast reasonable doubt? Justin - You know as well as I do that's not enough. The official cause of death is on record and that's what will be presented at the trial. Sami's bullet killed Joe Bernardi.

Kristen asks Fr Matt if he's going to join her and Brady on their date today. Fr Matt says no. Do you have a moment to chat? Kristen - Sure, come on in. Fr Matt - Bishop White told me how much he enjoyed meeting you at the reception. Kristen - Likewise. Fr Matt - And how grateful he is for your generous contributions to the scholarship program. Kristen - My pleasure; anything I can do to help. Fr Matt - Well there is something else. The bishop is hoping you might join in on selecting the beneficiaries of this years scholarships. Kristen - Interesting. What does that entail? Fr Matt - Reading essays and applications and of course meeting with Fr Eric to make the final decision. Kristen - No. The last thing I need to do is spend more time with Fr Eric.

Nicole - I know things have been awkward between us lately but I could just kill EJ for what he said to you. Eric - That's not what I want to talk to you about. Nicole - If it's about what I said about Sami I told you ... Eric - It's not about my sister Sami. It's about my brother. Are you sleeping with him?
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