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Aug 6 2013, 09:28 PM
I think it's fair to say that one of the major problems with Daniel is that everyone sings his praises and he's this perfect creature that has no flaws, except that he does. If you think of all the other men on the show it's easy to think of flaws.

Lucas is a hothead. Eric can be naive. Will is insecure. Sonny is overly idealistic. Chad is impulsive. Brady is kind of dumb. EJ is a bastard. But Dan, like Mary Poppins, we are constantly told is practically perfect in every way. It's grating.
I was thinking more about this, since compelling characters are allowed to have flaws. Often villains are more popular than heroes, but still you can have flawed heroes. I hear complaints about Eric, who I think is a genuinely good character, but I do see him as flawed in that he can be naive, and that was in play with his shock at Bricole.

Sonny, now that he's been given some storyline and isn't just Will's sounding board/love interest, has become more interesting because the writers are using his goodness/idealism as a double edged sword. He's willing to take enormous risks for Will, and that is putting him in conflict with his mother.

I think Rafe is 100x better when he's away from Sami, and his self-righteousness and stubbornness is portrayed as a flaw rather than an asset.

Good guy Nick 1.0 was always a control freak, and that evolved into Nick 2.0, villain and now we're getting Nick 2.5, flawed protagonist.

JJ is brand new and full of anger, but also has intense, practically myopic loyalty to his family.

I'm just talking about male characters here, but you could do the same thing with female characters as well.

Daniel is a flawed character, but he's never, ever called out or faces any real consequences. He's a grown man, who is portrayed as the innocent victim of JJ's machinations, even though Daniel hasn't been shown giving a single shit about Jennifer's grieving, emotionally troubled son, even though Jen is supposed to be the love of his life and Jack was supposedly his friend. JJ is an irritant to him, nothing more.
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