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Poor Nick, JJ's just trashing him to Theresa.
JJ's jealous that Theresa is interested in a guy that's actually about her age, and not some high school bumpkin.
Yeah, poor JJ is jealous. Although, I was glad he didn't get all sulky but rather pissed.

I'm still team Nick/Gabi all the way, but Nick might actually have some things to teach Jeannie Theresa about atoning for bad deeds and moving forward with one's life. They are about the same age, and they have some things in common.

And we better get a line about Shane and Kim having cut off Jeannie Theresa's trust fund. Like Sonny, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.
Thank you for mentioning this. TPTB really do need to explain why Jeannie Theresa is so hot to chase after any guy she thinks has money. Shane and Kim should both have plenty of money. When Shane supposedly died in 1989, his estate was worth $5 million, and given how stock markets have grown since then, his wealth probably only grew since then. Plus, Kim was married to Phillip Collier, who supposedly had made millions from his films, and almost certainly would have received a pretty significant amount in her divorce. The only reason Jeannie Theresa would be hurting for money is if she has been cut off, so it would be nice to find out some more about what is going on. She also mentioned having legal issues that she would have to face if she returned to Los Angeles. That didn't make a lot of sense to me. I can't see her family sending her to Salem to avoid being charged with a crime, so I wonder what exactly she is running from.

I would really like to see JT and JJ bond, but more in the way of an older sister/younger brother relationship. Both characters could use someone as a sounding board and I think they probably can relate to one another in a lot of ways. I suspect JT was also the younger sibling to the seemingly perfect older child and she probably can relate to JJ's feelings of alienation from Jennifer. She also might be able to relate to JJ losing Jack, since she probably thought Shane was dead when he disappeared a few years ago. That would be a nice way to help give JT a little more dimension.
Also, Jeannie Theresa is half English. While she's primarily American, it would be cool if she had a few English traits in her just as a tip to the fact that she most likely spent a lot of time in England, at her dad's big, posh estate.

One of my best friends is American and was born here, but his dad is English and every now and again some really British trait surfaces in him. I caught him watching the live feed of the royal wedding.

Also, I hope they remember that Jeannie Theresa had an uncle who was a straight up sociopath/bad seed. (CS was so great at making Drew a compelling villain, too).
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