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Aug 7 2013, 09:25 AM
Aug 7 2013, 07:36 AM
It would be an interesting twist for Marge to be in on it and working with Stefano. But I don't think that should be used to excuse her OTT bad acting choices. In my opinion, whether she is in cahoots or not, she should play the beats of grief as though she is not...thus making it all the more of a twist when/if it is revealed she is working for Stefano.

Personally, I just think she is a bad actor. Not that the inside job theory doesn't hold weight. I just think it could be that she is a bad actor playing the role of someone working for Stefano who knew her husband was a dirty cop. Or she could have no idea and this is just how this actor chooses to play the character of a recently widowed mom....

Either way, I just think Marge is awful.
Well if she'd stop taking tips from Sweeney...

While the lack of actual tears over the years has been annoying, that's never been the only issue with AS's crying, so while it's nice that after two decades she managed to squeeze some out, that doesn't really fix the problem. I don't think AZ is a pretty crier either and KA only is because of the lack of tears. It doesnt have to be pretty to be good or be ugly to bw real. The physical appearance is far from the most important part. AS just sucks at displaying emotion.
I agree the presence of tears or a pretty/ugly face don't make the crier. Whether I am emotionally connecting with the actor does.

The only thing I want to connect with Marge when she cries is my fist as it punches her in her face.

I think all the actors should just take acting queues from the book of Joey Tribbiani. He was the true master.
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