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Episode 18 is posted

The Brady Pub is decorated for a party. A crowd of people are inside. Some banners are strung across the room and a large banner reads "Bon Voyage, Austin and Carrie."

In the pub, Kim is standing with Abe, but she looks across the room and glares at Victor. She mutters that a man like Victor Kiriakis can't change.

"Are you trying to use me to get to my folks? Shawn asks EJ.

Outside the pub, Sami and Lucas face off with Nicole and Rafe. Sami looks incredulous. "You're living together?"

In the living room of their house, Jennifer looks at Jack. "Why can't you see the danger?" she asks. "Why are you so insistent on putting your daughter's life on the line?"

Elena smiles. "Stefano DiMera's murderer has been at large for too long. Let's go make our arrest."

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