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Aug 7 2013, 06:23 PM
Aug 7 2013, 02:39 PM
Brady's stupidity where Kristen is concerned apparently knows no bounds. The man is beyond delusional!

Eric ... ask yourself why you are so upset with Nicole's answers to your questions ... and please answer yourself honestly. Don't be another Brady!

JJ and his arrogance really irks me. I'm beginning to think that Jen and Brady should hook up ... Brady is being colossally snowed by his girlfriend and JJ is doing the same thing to Jen.

I actually sided with Dan today against Jen - he makes very valid points but Jen is too 'Brady-like' to see them at this moment.

I actually enjoyed the Maggie / Will scenes today.

And Theresa was a brat to her grandmother today - I'm glad they had her apologise.
I now dislike Jennifer more than Daniel.Daniel was keeping his distance from Jennifer he told one of their many "propers"(so many I cannot remember who since I zone out whenever the conversation turns to Fetch) that he had to respect her decision to take a break in the relationship.It was Jennifer who left her job (again) and went into stalker mode tracking Daniel down at the mansion then grabbing and kissing him.I think Daniel was justified in thinking she changed her mind about the time out.If she had told him at the mansion,she wanted to sneak around about JJ's back,I think Daniel as currently written would have told her no.Jennifer wants to have her cake and eat it too.I taking bets as to how much time passes before she is tracking him down again on some pretext and sending him those longing glances while talking about something stupid.
What's even more scary is that Ken Corday says this Jennifer is one of the "strong" women of Salem. I'd hate to think of his definition of weak. :(
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