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Sammie Jo
Aug 7 2013, 04:07 PM
Aug 7 2013, 07:46 AM
This Neil and Rose s/l is dragging on forever:yawnz:............it better end with something BIG!!! How long ago was their encounter? FTLOG I hope we aren't going into another "who's the daddy". I think Hillary has something to do with the blogging, but she's too old to be Neil's, right?

Lovin' my crazy girl Sharon, but you better watch out.............Nikki's has her eye on you
I don't think Hillary is rose's daughter, but I do think he's involved somehow.
I'm getting bored with it too, end it already and lets move on.
Nikki's had her eye on Sharon since the first time Sharon stepped foot in her living room, she knew a goldigger when she saw one.
I think Hillary is Rose's daughter, but not by Neil. I think she is the "Anne' whom Rose mentioned to Neil in the bar booth. I'm guessing that Hillary's father is a brother, cousin, other male relative of Leslie's father, who had died just before Rose approached Neil. Maybe a drunken, blacked-out Neil had something to do with that death or possibly with Rose's later death. Anyway, I think Hillary hates Lily almost as much as she hates Neil. Anyway, I guess we'll see...hopefully sooner rather than later.
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