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Aug 7 2013, 06:15 PM
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Daniel is such a fucking bully when he doesn't get his way. A real Price Charming. :rolleyes: I just can't even deal with this piece of shit character anymore!
He is a self-centered, sanctimonious sack of shit. And if Jennifer had any respect for herself, her son or her brother she would have NEVER gotten into a relationship with the man who broke up her brother's marriage only a few months weeks days after her husband died. And she sure as hell never would have left her son to mourn alone while she chased said sack of shit male. And then had the nerve to be upset when her son refused to accept her new relationship. The old, real Jennifer would have never looked twice at that douche. But this pod-Jennifer does not give a damn about anyone including her hypocritical self. Which is why I don't give a damn about her tears.

And Maggie can go pound sand. Julie is the real matriarch of this show as far as I'm concerned.
Self-righteous isn't a good look on anyone, and it's especially repulsive on an entitled, amoral, hypocritical sleaze like Daniel. Combined with his rumpled clothes, uncombed hair, unshaven jaw, and overall slovenliness that makes him look like he'd smell worse than a Skid Row bum, it's a turn-off of epic proportions. I'm sure TIIC want us to sympathize with Daniel, being treated like Jen-Jen's cheap bit of rough on the side (probably so we won't condemn him when he dumps her ass and moves on to his next conquest), but his egotism makes it impossible. I'll admit to not sympathizing with Jennifer either. Dr. Douchebag's comparison is overblown--JJ is Jennifer's son, not Daniel's romantic rival, like Lucas was for Chloe--but not inaccurate in that lying and sneaking around is still lying and sneaking around, regardless of whom you're trying to deceive. And what a crap way to deal with her troubled son. Yeah, it's not going to hurt JJ to find out his mom is lying to his face and sneaking around behind his back with the scumbag she's trying to shove into his father's place. The same mom who chews him out for his misdeeds and insists that he walk the straight and narrow, even though she can't be bothered to stick around and see that he actually does. Great example you're setting, Bitchifer. :rolleyes:

Honestly, this couple may be the single biggest thing that's wrong with the show right now, which is saying something because I think it's been steadily losing steam for more than a month. They're dead weight, and trying to make them work when they continue to fail again and again is as pointless as trying to make water flow uphill. End them.
I could probably tolerate Daniel/Jennifer if the writing wasn't so god-awful and insanely full of propping. I'd just sort of tune out in their scenes, and enjoy the angst they cause JJ. But since every single character in Salem outside of JJ, Lucas and Anne must continuously prop the pairing, singing their praising and telling me that Daniel's greasy, awful dick is the best thing that every happened to Jennifer and Salem, I will never like them.

The writers know how disliked they are by a large segment. That's why we have Anne. That's why we have all the propping.

Honestly, at least they cute EJ/Taylor loose. This may be far worse and do more damage to the show because of the propping.
Apart from Lexie did anyone prop EJ / Taylor?

Even Johnny had nothing to say on that one....oh no I vaguely remember Johnny thinking she was pretty and fun.
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