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Aug 7 2013, 05:54 PM
Panda Panda
Aug 7 2013, 02:17 PM
Bristen the redux is irritating me more than their first get together. I think it's because they're being written the same way post-break up as they were pre-break up with the added exception of Brady saying to everyone, "My eyes are wide open now. If she's playing me I'll know"


the dialogue exchange between those two is so stupid, Kristen brought up Marlena and how she would bad mouth her to Eric and then Brady tried said something like "Don't worry. Eric will see you as the kind, generous person I see you as"

I know Brady's supposed to still be in love with Kristen but does he not remember that he just got his heart stomped on a few months ago? Singing her praises and how everyone will eventually come to understand their relationship is just beyond idiotic.
Brady is being written as a moron,a"fidiot" but I must admit I am looking forward to seeing how the "crash and burn"unfolds.
Brady needs to really crash hard to be punished for his stupidity. I'd like to see him either turn evil (well, revert back to the nasty self loathing cruel Brady) or else turn into the town drunk slash petty criminal.
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