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Aug 7 2013, 08:00 PM
Aug 7 2013, 12:23 AM
Aug 6 2013, 11:46 PM
AS is doing a fantastic job with this story. I am riding the emotional roller coaster right along with her. She had me tearing up with the johnny scenes. Heartbreaking. As a mom, I can totally to feel what she is going through and my heart is breaking right along with her.

I love the way they are writing Ejami, so in love and committed to each other. As if I needed any more reason to love Ej, the way he is fighting for his samantha, being there for her and being her rock throughout all this is a thing of beauty. I love the angst, though I am more than ready for Ej to stop playing by the rules and start doing things the Dimera way.

LOL at Kristen throwing Nicole under the bus. Very smooth. Oops. Nicole has been in Kristen's face, so she had it coming. I felt bad for Eric though because he really wants to see the good in Nicole. It is obviously difficult for him to handle the real Nicole instead of the fantasy he has created in his mind. I still like Ericole, but after Nicole jumped from Vargas' bed to Brady's in a matter of weeks, it is hard for me to root for Eric to give up his collar for someone so promiscuous. Ericole has great potential, but I am afraid Nicole will end up hurting him in the long run. We will see, maybe she will surprise me.

Kristen looks stunning. She is crazy out of her mind, but I still love her. I am not really feeling Bristen though. They seemed more in love the first round. This time around, something seems off. Maybe it is knowing it is a disaster waiting to happen LOL.

I did not mind dannifer. Then I am pretty neutral about them. I don't care for Daniel, but I like Jen just fine. I thought the love scene was OK. I wish they would stop the OTT pimping, but hey, I am happy for their fans.

Like many others, I am more convinced than ever that she is in on the whole thing. Every time she opens her mouth, I want to smack her. I supposed I am supposed to feel that way. I can not wait for the truth to come out and for Marge to be taken down a notch or two while her world as she knows comes crashing down. She can take her BFF Adrienne with her.
As a mom .... not so much feeling it.

Re Nicole's bed hopping... April 23 - August 7 lets call it 16 weeks or a matter of months or more than a season rather than a matter of weeks just to be slightly more accurate.

If Nicole has been jumping the whole time that does explain why she looks as good as she does. Nice exercise program.

And I would love it, absolutely love it if Nicole was the one who hurt Eric. It's been a long time since she wasn't the injured party.

Oh and Marge, really are we so desperate for Sami to be the innocent victim we're prepared to have a recently widowed single mum in cahoots with Stefano. Obviously those Salem PTA meetings she attended with Adrienne were just a front for Woman against Samantha proudly sponsored and subsidised by Stefano Dimera. :drunk:
No need to call me desperate just because you don't agree with my opinion. please be respectful.

To clarify, I did not mean that Marge is in cahoots with Stephano, though it is possible. What I was trying to say is that she most likely knows that her husband was dirty and she is trying to cover it up JMO.

As for Sami, I feel bad for what she is going through because AS is making her pain so palpable, but we all know she is going to be exonerated sooner or later and Marge will have to face the harsh truth about her husband then.

My concern about Nicole hurting Eric is coming from the fact that she broke his heart years ago and if she is reckless enough with her body to have casual sex with random guys like Vargas and later his brother, I am just afraid that Eric might become her next casualty of war. That being said, I am still hoping for Nicole has matured enough to be in a healthy nurturing relationship with Eric like they both deserve.

ITA Nicole/AZ looks good, so does most of the cast. Being attractive in the soaps comes with the territory.
I didn't call you desperate... I said are "we" so desperate.
There have been a lot of posts indicating a desire for Marge to be crooked and in on it with Stefano.

When this turns out to be correct anybody who wants to can call me out on flagging where I think this desire might be coming from is welcome to do so.

I personally don't agree with your opinion of slut shaming Nicole so I am responding with my own opinion.

"Slut shaming is defined by feminist thinkers as a process in which women are attacked for their transgression of accepted codes of sexual conduct,[5] i.e., of admonishing them for behavior or desires that are more sexual than society finds acceptable.[6] Emily Bazelon says that slut shaming is "retrograde, the opposite of feminist. Calling a girl a slut warns her that there's a line: she can be sexual but not too sexual."

I don't think her past sexual encounters have any impact on her future decisions, when she has been in a relationship she has rarely shown any predilection towards cheating on her partner and quite frankly if anyone ended up hurt in her previous relationships it was usually her. I just disagree with the basic premise that because she has an open approach towards sex this will predispose her to cheat on Eric.

* I note she did cheat on Victor but he knew what he was signing up for and I don't think it really mattered to him one way or another other than in a proprietorial sense.

** Did Eric cheat on Greta by having sex with Nicole when she had fake cancer?

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