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Dannifer are so much better a-p-a-r-t. And to think that I thought the "real Jenn" was back and she always is away from Dr. D. As for Daniel, I can take him or leave him. Don't hate him or love him which means I'm totally indifferent. SC was so good on ATWT as Mike, and seeing him now, it's like what happened? This is the second go-round of Dannifer & I'm still not feelin' them. Not even in the least. For me, I just sense no romantic chemistry at all. And that so-called love scene with Dannifer the other day (smdh), it was too painful to watch. Someone needs to shoot the days staff a memo. Dannifer just isn't working. Not at all.
Now, I didn't think I would, but I really like Theresa. Jenn Liley is slowly, carefully adding layers & her own spin on the characterization. And the other day, I saw some sparks between Theresa/Nick. So, I'd be down for a Theresa/Nick hookup in the future.
As for Ericole...GV and AZ are seriously selling it! My Ericole lovin' heart wept, too. It was so good & intense. And Father Matt's interruption, talk about bad timing! I so wanted Ericole's convo to continue. I'm hooked...onboard this Ericole train.
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