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The Room Stops
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Aug 8 2013, 12:38 PM
Aug 8 2013, 08:34 AM
I was rather curious for a moment...then it dawned on me & I'm REALLY glad I didn't wake up the kids or hubby with my guffaw.

I think the only comment I took exception to was made by one of the chefs who was up for elimination when he said something about the palate's of the diners were not sophisticated - I LOL'ed at that one - pretty much all of them have eaten across the country & globe at places from lunch trucks to fast-foods to "Look what I made!" from their kids/grandkids to five-star restaurants. It came across to me that he had sour grapes about the chance of being eliminated.
That was funny, but I watch a lot of these chef competitions and believe me, chefs have HUGE egos :blulaugh:
Actually, I find we're not really that egotistical. I truly believe the people they choose could've done anything else and they also would have had egos - it's their personality, not because of their profession. You honestly cannot be egotistical and work in a kitchen, too much depends on how you work together, because no one works alone. You're too dependant on the others.

They do however, have a very keenly developed gutter-humor. And we can all be brash, just because that's the nature of the business.
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