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Aug 8 2013, 12:49 PM
Aug 8 2013, 08:34 AM
I was rather curious for a moment...then it dawned on me & I'm REALLY glad I didn't wake up the kids or hubby with my guffaw.

I think the only comment I took exception to was made by one of the chefs who was up for elimination when he said something about the palate's of the diners were not sophisticated - I LOL'ed at that one - pretty much all of them have eaten across the country & globe at places from lunch trucks to fast-foods to "Look what I made!" from their kids/grandkids to five-star restaurants. It came across to me that he had sour grapes about the chance of being eliminated.
I understand your point about the sophisticated palate comment, but if everyone in the cast was really shocked by the raviolo with the egg yolk in it (Uova da Raviolo), it does signal that they may not have the breadth of food experiences one might expect of "celebrity" diners. Not only is it a rather famous dish from Italy, but it also has become fairly trendy at a number of high-end restaurants. In LA, for instance, it is one of the best-known dishes on the menu at Mario Batali's restaurant, Osteria Mozza, and it also is on the menu at the revamped Spago. I suspect the chefs assumed that TV actors probably eat all the time at restaurants like those, and it came as a shock to hear that the cast was unfamiliar with the dish.
I don't remember anyone commenting on not liking the egg yolk (I could be wrong), just remember Drake saying it lacked flavor. Maybe it was one of the professional judges that quoted someone from the cast when informing the contestants about the cast's opinions on the dish, but it was a comment that was edited out of the final show. I'd have to watch the whole show again, LOL If you're right and they were shocked by the egg then I agree with you.
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